ICT services and solutions

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Our services and solutions Portfolio is focused on the evaluation, design, implementation, operation of reliable, scalable and secure network and management systems and network operation centers.

Our Portfolio incorporates auditing, performance engineering and value-added services to help our customers to appropriately engineer and design solutions. With our several years of solution -based approach, we provide consulting services which are very attractive to our customers while integrating and merging different products and services. Our range of services covers data networking and our deliverables are based on wellestablished networking methodology and latest tools.

We provide LAN-interconnection services to enterprise customers starting from evaluation of the existing networks up to designing and implementing new type of services. Service provider customers also benefit from our extensive experience with various value -added services, such as Quality of Service, Voice over IP, Network-based Remote Access with SSL-VPN, SSL-based Email encryption and MPLS-based interconnection.


We combine our networking skills with software engineering to efficiently implement the proposed solutions. Typically, during the deployment phase, we employ qualified software skills in automating the configuration of networking devices. Automation becomes very interesting when provisioning and deployment are to be implemented for a large number of sites consisting a numerous networking equipments and where ever repetitive tasks are involved. Our custom tailored -automation and provisioning tools, consist of specialized scripting software, and they enable our customers to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and roll-out the services. When appropriate, we develop grap hical user interfaces.