Welcome to Veleras int. GmbH - "We connect the world safe..."

"Veleras International GmbH  is one of a young, motivated and innovative breed of companies fully dedicted to providing inter-networking professional services. Under this motto, Veleras offers a full fledged and complete circle of services, right from network planning, designing, project management to implementation and execution, to network operations and optimisation".


We specialise in the various aspects of networking and software development. Our engineers have several years of experience in the design and development of solutions for enterprise as well as service provider customers.

We focus on Local Area, Metro and Wide Area Networking technologies. We assist our customers during the various phases of the projects. Our software skills aim at providing tailored solutions based on the customer requirements. We are specialised in the development of automated tools for provisioning, management and monitoring systems.

Value Added Services

Our core competences lies in developing value added services. We have helped a large service provider in Germany in defining and deploying MPLS-VPN networks along with network-wide Quality of Service support and Voice over IP applications. These services are currently being deployed across multi-national networks. Currently we are actively participating in a project which aims at integrating remote access technologies with the MPLS-VPN networking technologies. We also provide expertise in Remote Access to corporate VPN networks, SSL VPN Services and scalable SSL Terminators for secure web access.

Software Development

We specialise in automating processes (such as systems and service provisioning, script-based automatic configuration of management tools). For the scripting tools we use PERL and PHP. Software packages are developed in the C, C++ programming languages. For Web-based applications, we use SOAP, XML and Web Service interfaces.

Engineering Services

We assist our customers in developing new networking solutions, designing access and backbone networks and implementing the proposed services and solutions. We also help in fine tuning thereby addressing issues such scalability, network loadbalancing, optimal routing and server loadbalancing. We are also assisting our customers in the development of traffic engineering services.

Billing Structure

Depending on the projects and assignments, we offer two billing choices. For scoped projects, we propose a fix pricing. The renumeration is based on the initial evaluation of the scope of the project and the estimated time scale. For assignments where the scope cannot be defined initially, we work on a resource-based man-day billing. We offer competitive market consulting rates and highly skilled engineering resources. We have developed best practise reporting methods and submit our activity reports on a weekly basis.